Easy to integrate with CI/CD. Language agnostic.


Simple service for testing REST API of your web-app
or multiple connected micro-services.


What is it?

It is a simple service that allows you to test the REST API of your web-app without writing tests in any particular programming language. Simply describe your test and asserts, present it in a json file and execute it.

It runs against your current services (production, staging, ...) in order to check and validate all APIs after deployment. It allows you to assert a payload response, check status codes and prove that your API is up and running.

It is a cloud-based solution with a CLI tool that performs executions of your json file in your CI/CD pipeline and gives you instant feedback about the status of your service. It is easy to integrate with any CI/CD tool.

Why do I need it?

After deploying your web service in the production or staging environment, you want to be sure that it delivers the correct payload as a response and that everything works as expected.

Moreover, if your web service is connected to other web services, the connection between them is susceptible to breaking. This gets more complex when there are many microservices communicating with each other, because deploying just one could break a request flow between them. REST API tests will catch these fragile points and will notify you before your customers notice it.

How it works?
  1. Add a target host

  2. Describe your tests with a json format

  3. Save it in a file

  4. Execute it with CLI tool


Existing REST endpoint
GET https://app.com/api/article/101


JSON to test endpoint
./apitesting -h https://app.com
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Feature Roadmap

REST API Testing service is meant to be a full featured cloud based software solution that provides a variety of possibilities to mitigate a testing REST API endpoints. Currently the core feature and idea is about an integration of the CLI tool with a CI/CD pipeline in order to make sure that after-deployment process runs smoothly.

There are many testing tools and services out there and many of them have plenty of features providing to their users. Good amount of them is rarely or never needed, which only makes a software difficult to use.

The big advantage of REST API Testing service is that it allows users (developers and companies) to shape the future of the software by proposing and voting for possible features service will have. That means, only high demanding features will be built and added in the feature roadmap, giving an opportunity to users to participate in it, which ensures the software will be shaped based on needs and necessity.

Be an early adopter and have a direct impact on the product shaping it by your own need.

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